We are all unique and special snowflakes


Hello lovelies! I have another winter design for your nails. This is very cute and easy to do, you should try it!



First snow


I don’t know about you,but I’m always excited when it snows for the first time! There’s something magic about that moment that takes me back to childhood.
My mother told me three days ago that is going to snow, so each morning when I woke up the first thing I did was looking on the window to see if there is snow. And yesterday it finally happened! By the time I got home in the evening it was snowing really good, so I made myself some hot tea, put on some smooth music, moved a chair in front of the window and enjoyed the way the snowflakes dance. Everything looks beautiful covered in snow! The white covers the dirt, the lies and the lost hopes.
And even though I liked the view, I started thinking of a perfect winter picture. Which I later did on my nails. Of course, the nails don’t describe the perfect winter fantasy I had in mind, but they are close enough.

From Mona, with love.



Little miss Monday


I was sooooo busy last week, So I didn’t have time to do my nails or think at a pretty design. Just when I thought my adventures in nail art world were over I saw a very nice picture which I liked so much that I had to try it on my nails. I had a lot of fun doing these nails because I only had white and black polishes so I mixed the colors in getting the grey one, and I also did the entire design by only using a painting brush. I’m sure that it would have looked a lot better if I had proper brushes, but if Santa gets my letter this December I’ll have a nice set of brushes.
I hope you guys like it, and I also hope you’ll have a great week!

From Mona, with love.




Welcome to my wonderland


“I am not Alice, but this is my wonderland. We are all mad in here.”

I was always fascinated by the Alice in wonderland story. I loved it when I was a kid, and I’m still loving it now.
Since I didn’t dressed up as Alice for halloween ( for that was the initial plan) I tought of trying some nail design with that theme. I like the way it came out, even though when I first thought about it I had something completly different in mind. It seems that I still need a lot of practice when it comes to painting, that’s why I kept the design simple…if you can call that simple :))
Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful week!!!

From Mona, with love.



Have a sparkly evening!


I have this bottle of green glitter for more than an year. And I never thought I would someday hate my life that much, that I’ll put each little piece of glitter on my nails. I’m joking guys, I love my life now more than ever, but I recently quit my job so I have a little more free time than usual. So after cleaning the house for the fourth time today, I decided to give a try to that bottle of glitter. And I just love it!!! I wasn’t a glitter fan, and I only had one color but tomorrow I’m planning on buying ALL the glitter! :)))
I wish you all a sparkly evening, and I hope you’ll like the nails.

From Mona, with love.




Life is like a game of poker


If anyone read the “about me” section, you would have noticed that I work in a casino. It was about time for me to try some casino themed nail art. Of course when I thought at the design, I had in mind other complicated things for my nails, but when I looked at the clock and realized I only have one hour untill I go to work I abandoned those plans and made only four of a kind aces.
I love the way the nails look like, and I’m deffinitely gonna try something else when I’ll have more time.
Untill then, I wish you all a perfectly nice evening.

From Mona, with love.